Sona Biscuits Ltd (Sobisco) was established in 1992 by the enterprise of Shri Kailash Chand Agarwal. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Sobisco today is an ISO 22000 company and we are also a member of AIB (American Institute of Baking) which in itself is a certification of our stringent adherence to quality standards.

Our statistics are worth a thousand words: Rs 2000 million turnover boosts Sobisco’s confidence to go for bigger milestones. Sobisco’s present production capacity is 100,000 tonnes. Sobisco ensures comfortable working environment with a sprawling 100,000 square feet floor space. The Sobisco family is ever-growing. We currently house 1200 employees. 125 distributors & 1000 sub distributors guarantee that we reach you in no time. 2,00,000 shops covered and many more to go in the near future. Be spoilt for choice with Sobisco’s 54 different varieties

Sobisco has also uniquely added value to our products by introducing dietary fibre biscuits and sugar free Marie biscuits. We aim to provide the Indian consumer with the healthiest bites of his day. We make an effort to make each day an appetizing and mouth watering experience for our consumers.

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Our Journey

  • On a journey to treat the nation and beyond with the best in taste and health Sobisco started its story more than a couple of decades ago. The mission was to create a name that would stand for quality and wholesome goodness. The vision being to give people the gift of nutrition.

  • This year marked the setting up of a candy factory. Fondly named Bouncer candy this initiative manufactured great in quality sweet treats for the budding generation. In flavours like mango, orange, pineapple and many more, it was sure to win heart and bring smiles to many.

  • We made an advance to the west and opened our Nagpur unit of biscuit manufacturing. We worked for the esteemed brand Britannia, and also started our own Sobisco Cakes and Rusk from this very plant.

  • This year gave us the launch of Hum Tum. A very popular and favourite name in the market now, this brand made use of two mascots and the communication looked young and peppy. A semi sweet variety of biscuits that appealed to many. This further was extended to cakes too and became a 100cr brand.

  • Another significant milestone has been our foray into exports with our consignments already delivered to the US, Maldives, Australia and South Korea. With a significant distribution network in India now and a pan- India presence, Sobisco now plans to scale up its visibility by targeting key markets across the globe and building a brand loyalty in these markets

  • Our home ground got a bit larger in size this year with the opening of a new unit at Serampore. This young team facilitated in increase of production to meet the growing demand for our brand and thus made our presence of the shelves even stronger with constant supplies of our very best.

  • Stepping out of our state yet again, we made our next establishment at the neighbouring state of Bihar at Hajipur with yet another production unit. Growing ahead in the graph of more manufacturing this became a strong arm for the business in the east.

  • Moving ahead with more products and increasing varieties, we stepped into the huge market of cakes. Baking up an array of flavours and broadly distributing them in two forms, tiffin cakes and sliced cakes, the appetite of many became ours to fulfill. Even the the Hum Tum brand with its variety of cakes captured and lot of the market share.

  • When we started making the classic tea time favourite there was no stopping us in the market. Our Rusk came into picture this year and with a great response from our loyal consumers and new ones too it became an instant hit. The crunch was heard loud with the sales figures gradually soaring high.

  • With years of experience in treating people with everything sweet it was time for us to tickle other tastebuds. The launch of namkeens was the ideal way in which we did it. A wide range of savouries from our house of goodness made people snack with great taste and wholesome products.

    Crossing borders and reaching far west, making our legacy shine we launched our own brand Sobisk in the USA. A name that is now familiar at American coffee tables is making our mark in the international presence of our business. The nutritional wholesomeness is now heralding our companies goodwill in far away markets.

  • DSM, headquartered in The Netherlands, and SOBISCO (Sona Biscuits Limited) have come together to form a joint venture to produce nutritionally fortified foods and beverages. The products have been made specially to address the nutritional needs of Bihar. The products contain 4 to 5 times more nutrition compared to any product in its category and this can all be credited to the nutrition company’s collaboration. Launch of Dream Bites was yet another gem that got studded to our crown. This new product impressed many with its amazing richness of taste and quickly became the tea time specialist..

  • Taking the legacy of healthy goodness ahead, in the year 2017 the company established its expansion drive in Nagpur. Making a strong base in this city of Maharashtra the company intended to elaborate it's reach in the West. The purpose was to tap a zone that appreciates good products that add value to their lives.

  • A new cake unit was set up to cater to the growing demands of the nation as many fell in love with the soft delicious varieties on offer. It has given the product line a big leap and made it much more popular too.


Meet the Team

  • K C Agarwal
    Founder - Director
  • Ashok Agarwal
    Director, Purchase
  • Mahesh Agarwal
    Director, Marketing & Sales
  • Suresh Agarwal
  • A K Ghosh
    Technical Director
  • Anil Agarwal
    Unit Head
  • Vivek Agarwal
    Unit Head
  • Alok Agarwal
    Unit Head
  • Harshil Agarwal
    VP, Marketing & Sales

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • With Sobisco, your nutritional worries are now a thing of the past. Here we not only indulge the famished but also quench the thirst of the knowledge seeker. Around 130 children of our workers get their yearly supply of study books from us till they pass out class 10. Making a little effort for the big tomorrow.

  • At Sobisco we strive to take care for the ones in need. A donation drive in winter months takes the initiative of distributing around 200 blankets to the ones who require the warmth of love around the area.

  • It is our earnest endeavor to remain involved with the many single-teacher schools in India. An amount of 1.24 Lakhs is annually given out for the purpose. These Ekla schools thus take our little contribution and move ahead in shaping India’s future.

  • Healthcare has also been an area of keen interest when it comes to counting our social responsibilities. With great spirit we organize annual eye camps for workers and their family in collaboration with lions club.